Spring Flow Questions

May 15, 2015 8:28 PM | Anonymous
To:      Kathleen Greenwood, FDEP

            Scott Laidlaw, SJRWMD

From: Jim Thomas, Friends of Lake Apopka

Re:      Questions, Spring Flow

Mr. Laidlaw and Ms. Greenwood,

It is my understanding that the renewal for the CUP for the Niagara Bottled Water Company has been approved the renewal of the CUP for the Niagra Bottling Water Company which included an increase in the allocation from 0.484 mgd to 0.910 mgd.

As part of this renewal Niagara agreed to relocate withdrawals from the upper Floridian aquifer to the lower aquifer within 10 years. If they complete this shift to the lower aquifer the permit will expire in February, 2035 (20 years). The company must also perform an “aquifer test program” to prove the confinement between the upper and lower aquifers. By moving to the lower aquifer Niagara “mitigates impacts to the MFL lakes in Lake County”.

W have several questions about springs we hope you will be able to answer:

1.    What do we know about the hydrology and interactions between upper and lower aquifer? If the lower is lowered, is it replaced from the upper?

2.    What kinds of tests does Niagara have to perform to meet that part of the permit requirements?

3.    Is there a major difference in water quality between upper and lower? What about salinity?

4.    Do we know anything about distribution of the product by Niagara? Florida only, other areas, worldwide?

5.    Does the product come from a single spring or multiple sources?

6.    We have been disturbed by decreased flows in Gourd Neck Spring since it flows into Lake Apopka. Does any of Niagara’s product come from Gourd Neck?

7.    What was the total cost of the permit renewal to Niagara?


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