November Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2015 12:22 PM | Anonymous

FOLA Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2015

5:30 P.M. Call to Order- Oakland Nature Preserve

2.    Treasurer’s Report



Dues will be due in the third week in November; will e-mail the members that we have email for and US mail for the others- about 50% of people have e-mail addresses

3.    Old Business:

·  FOLA Archives Project- Continuing to go well to get all the information archived; will be housed at UCF and well as on the FOLA and ONP websites

·  Acquisition of Hull Island- no change on this; still need to submit an application to the State; Jim to submit an application.  Could be some archeological potential there.  Would be up to the State to negotiate the price. 

4.    New Business:

·  Begin Process, approval of Habitat Enhancement Project, North Shore

  • Most of the plants around the lake are exotic plants
  • Named enhancement project purposefully- as this is not a purist restoration
    • Jim has been evaluating what needs to happen for this to work
      • Determine what types of plants need to be used
      • Jim working on design criteria; working on simplified design
        • Species we want to plant and where we want to plant; this has to go to SJRWMD for approval
        • Needs to go to president of SJRWMD for approval
        • Chairman of governing board will also weigh in
        • Jim to send draft by 11/13; please provide feedback
        • Will we have to buy; do we have to grow?
          • There could be space at a nursery or at the Oakland Preserve  to store the plants
          • We will need space that is roped off and water
          • Need to have volunteers and workforce to be able to do transplanting, cutting of plants; possibly get Dennis to help with spraying the invasive species
          • Groups we could look at
            • AmeriCorps
            • Boy Scouts
            • High Schools and Middle schools have agricultural programs that can help with this; need to provide details
        • Agree to one Saturday per month to work (3rd Saturday of each month) to start in November
      • Work on one pond at a time; not the entire shoreline
      • Landscape with clumps of trees, shrubs and groundcover
    • How do we put together a plan to be able to execute this?
    • FOLA takes on Habitat Enhancement
    • Rest of group (Apopka) takes on the rest of the approvals and building permits etc. 
    • Environmental Center- City of Apopka will make this a focus and work with the Orange Audubon Society
      • With 20 Acre Upland area with trails etc.
    • City of Apopka has petitioned SJWMD to allow the City of Apopka take over the management of this area
    • We will need committees- Jim will send the groups out in email and then will ask for volunteers to lead each group and then participate in each group. 
      • Writing- article in WOT each week
      • Speaking to groups (Rotary’s etc.)
      • Photography- before and after pictures

·  Organization of 1 more meeting, Ecotourism Coalition

  • Call one more meeting; afternoon during the week after Thanksgiving; will want to review the proposal for the North Shore

·  Newsletter-Digital Only

  • Jim will put together a plan on what we want to have included
  • There are services out there that we could possibly utilize that will assemble the content
  • We do want to highlight the union with the Apopka group

·  Organization of a Public Meeting- November

  • Will be held in Tanner Hall; to be held in December or January; evening meeting; will need help with organization and scheduling

·  Tour of North Shore

  • Jim creating a plan to be able to landscape the Pump House on the north shore
  • We will do another tour of the North Shore
  • Do as a car pool (so everyone can see the North Shore this time around)

·  Politics of proposed marsh restoration

·  Design of new flyers

·  Booths at Birdapalooza

  • Need new FOLA posters
  • Need Volunteers to work the booths this year

Other comments/Discussion- Meeting on Nov 11th with Senator Hayes regarding potential ways to clean lake differently.  Chris D’Felize (sp) working with other members of FOLA to pitch the idea to FOLA.  This started with a project to clean the lake. 

There has been debris that was thrown into the spring (random debris) that blocks the water that is flowing into the spring- the same amount of water is still flowing, but it is not flowing to the top due to the debris being in the way. 

(name) from the Orange Audubon Society joined the meeting today- they will be the ones that run the Environmental Center on the North Shore

Concern around water levels in the lake- there is a group that was taking water out. 

6. Adjourn

Notes taken by Rachel Comstock

November 5, 2015

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