December Meeting Minutes

January 05, 2016 5:31 PM | Anonymous
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FOLA Board Meeting December 3, 2015 Notes

  • 1.       Call to Order
  • 2.       Treasurers Report-
  • a.       All $ has been moved to Seacoast Bank- Total is $8,179.98
  • b.      2 waves of membership; via email or US Mail
  • 3.       Old Business
  • a.       FOLA Archives- Completed through the middle 70’s now; this will be archived at UCF; will be one of the largest archive programs that they have
  •                                                                i.      Student that is doing this will come to meeting in January
  •                                                              ii.      Need to determine the budget for this
  • b.      Acquisition Hull Island- Jim met with SJWMD people; will be writing an application for a grant for this.  The owner is anxious to sell and SJWMD has agreed to help with negotiation.  There are not a significant amount of wetlands, but there is archeological value. 
  • c.       Habitat Enhancement Project, North Shore
  •                                                                i.      This project has been put on hold for now
  •                                                              ii.      Will spend some additional time getting SJWMD information regarding the project and what we want to accomplish
  •                                                             iii.      There are Federal Regulations in place that would restrict plantings or other items that would attract new birds and restrictions to planting new trees that would attract nesting; Dennis Renfro from Florida Fish and Wildlife is going to look into regulations as they have a number of projects going on; these rules have been on the books for quite some time; probably can find a way to work through this as the regulations were written for a different purpose but need to sort through this before we determine what our plan is. 
  •                                                            iv.      Also some concern regarding the toxicity of the area and having people working at the location; concern is essentially surrounding the soil work; not necessarily the water; would look to work with SJWMD to test the area
  •                                                              v.      Interim project of focus will be on Educational Center (would like to have this located in a place where there are 4-5 acres available for an Upland Park) and
  •                                                            vi.      Working towards collecting and growing the plants that are needed for the enhancement project
  • 4.       New Business
  • a.       Ecotourism Coalition- meeting must be during work week; Jim working through timing and this will have to wait until after the 1st of the year; Jim to work with the city of Apopka people so we determine how we are working together
  •                                                                i.      Should be a project where we do planting at the Pump House on the North Shore
  •                                                              ii.      Audubon is putting some additional signage/identification at Magnolia Park, and on the wildlife drive with the funds they have already received
  • b.      Newsletter- need to get a newsletter out by the first of the year; need to finalize approach for mailing- should this be the last one that is mailed and notify people that going forward things will be digital
  • c.       Organization of Public Meeting- needs to be scheduled
  • d.      Tour of North Shore- call for a field trip after the first of the year for another tour; to help with planning for planting near pump house
  • e.      Design New Flyers- Identifies FOLA- covers what the main priorities; need a volunteer to work on this to create a new flyer
  • f.        Booths at Birdapalooza- February at Magnolia Park; need a new Poster; need people to be able to talk to what we do
  • g.       Membership Drive; will do a drive in conjunction with the Newsletter
  • h.      T Shirts- found 60-70 old T Shirts from the early ‘90’s.  Completed by SJWMD $ advertise as Vintage FOLA project and will see $25 each- will have available at next FOLA Board Meeting and then possibly annual meeting; or possibly at Birdapoolza- not sure if we can actually sell things; Mike to look into this (but probably not enough shirts to worry about)
  • i.         FOLA Literature- where is the QR code and is this on the information/flyers for FOLA (we should have this on any hand-outs or information that is distributed)
  • j.        Can we get Dr. Shortell on a tour of the North Shore? 
  • k.       Water levels- gates are closed on Apopka; there is some flow through the NERF (sp)
  • l.         Kayak Launch at pump house will not proceed; the launch will go to the park in Lake County
  • m.    Airboat tours- these will potentially still go North even though this will impact the birding- if they go South;  it will impact residential locations and this isn’t the “view” that people want to see. 
  •                                                                i.      Now Airboats need to have muffling systems; some of the noise is not from the engines

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