January Meeting Minutes

February 01, 2016 12:27 PM | Anonymous

FOLA Board Meeting January 7, 2016 Notes

  • 1.       Call to Order
  • 2.       Treasurers Report-
  • a.       Treasurer is on vacation- no report this month
  • 3.       Old Business
  • a.       FOLA Archives- Introduced Graduate Student from UCF (Josh King)
  •                                                                i.      Summary of what we have done so far
  •                                                              ii.      Information is being archived
  • 1.       Utilizing Riches Geographic Interface
  • a.       Riches data has to have very detailed information and metadata in order for the information to be searchable
  • b.      To date there have been about 800 itemized digitized and approximately 200 items have had metadata updated
  • c.       Also shows the importance of advocacy groups in an environmental
  • d.      Would like to get url published so that others can view information that has been made available so far
  • e.      Also opportunities to do oral history and work with Josh on collecting these
  • b.      Acquisition Hull Island- This is now a FOLA initiative to acquire this land and make it part of ONP. 
  •                                                                i.      Working with Seminole Indian Nation; they have agreed to build a replica village on the site. 
  • 4.       Habitat Enhancement Project, North Shore
  • a.       US Fish and Wildlife determined that based on rules in place, we cannot proceed until current legislation is overwritten- currently states that things cannot be planted that will attract wildlife
  •                                                                i.      Can do other projects   
  • 1.       Landscape areas outside the marsh (for example on Lust Road)
  • a.       Lust Road Entry
  • b.      Jones Road Exit
  • c.       Clay Island Parking lot
  • d.      Overlook at Western End of the parking lot
  • 2.       Waiting on approval then we will proceed
  • 3.       FOLA will do work itself
  • a.       Grow plants
  • b.      Do Planting
  • 4.       Tour of North Shore      
  • a.       Will do another tour of this- Jim will be in touch regarding timing of this
  • b.      Use of North Shore is up ~30k visitors since May
  • c.       SJWMD has agreed to help support this
  • b.      Ecotourism Coalition
  • c.       Newsletter- Digital Newsletter
  •                                                                i.      Jim will be reaching out to get this started and to organize the Newsletter; this needs to get done
  • d.      Organization of Public Meeting-
  • e.      Design New Flyers- Identifies FOLA-
  •                                                                i.      There have been volunteers to help with this- Jim needs to get the information to the volunteers so they can start to draft these
  • f.        Booths at Birdapalooza- February 6th at Magnolia Park; Jim will organize and reach out with what support is needed
  • g.       Membership Drive; will do a drive in conjunction with the Newsletter

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