June Meeting Minutes

June 02, 2016 7:46 AM | Anonymous

Friends of Lake Apopka

Monthly Board Meeting Agenda

June 2, 2016

·        1.   5:30 P.M.  Call to Order – Oakland Nature Preserve

·        Introductions

·        Board Members in attendance

  • Rachel Comstock
  • Taressa George
  • Glenn Burns
  • Jim Hawley
  • Tim Bachmeyer
  • Joe Dunn
  • Tom Johnson

·        2.   Treasurer’s Report- Frank wasn’t in attendance

·        3.   Old Business:

o   a.   Jim Thomas update

o   b.   Acquisition Hull Island, Update – Jim Peterson

    • No new information waiting on public trust to give information on when to move.  Was able to spend $ on appraisal; no action required at this time.   Would be a great addition to ONP.  Approximately 40 acres; near a canal; native American; critical to try to keep as part of the preserve rather than another development;
    • People can contact  to state that they are in support of; main thing waiting on is Amendment 1 funds
    • Legislature wanted to spend Amendment 1 funds on maintenance, salary etc. 
    • Jim Peterson to mobilize us when we need to do something and take action; people can do individually and as FOLA
  • Additional item; Local Hotel had requested a presentation of FOLA; Joe Dunn volunteered;

·        4.   New Business

o   Habitat Restoration Project, North Shore

§  Planting plan <Jim Thomas had put together a planting plan> If anyone had an electronic copy of this, please provide

§  Jim Peterson may have Cypress trees from Maria – these are 40 gallon cypress tress

§  Coordination volunteer needed

§  1,000 cypress trees June 25th

  • 3 gallon pots for 1,000 tree event

§  Schedule site with SJRWMD

§  Discuss flagging methodology

o   Organization of Public Meeting – Joe Dunn/Jim Peterson

  • Joe is finalizing presentation
  • Will send to board for final review
  • First Draft 7/31
  • Finalize document by 8/30
  • Set date for meeting in August
  • Meeting for September/October
  • Determine when we need to set location- this needs to be finalized by August

o   Membership Drive – Joe Dunn

o   FOLA Fundraiser

  • This will come after the public meeting

o   Addition of new Board Members

  • Jim Thomas wants to add more people to the board
    • Criteria: Passion, impact, willing to raise their hand
    • Need to find original draft of charter to ensure we are following the by-laws

o   Design new  education materials

§  Coordination volunteer needed

 Taressa and Ed volunteered

§  Tablecloths

§  Festivals starting in September/October

§  Consider Wings and Wildflower festival(sign up is now)

§  Taressa to send Rachel the festival list

o   Upgrade FOLA/ONP Booth - coordination volunteer needed- tie this to the education materials update

·        5.   Adjourn

Minimum Flow Levels presentation by Jim Hawley/Mary Oakes/Will Hawthorne– intent is to share at FOLA public meetings; this is an internal test presentation for what we would want to share; SJRWMD public meetings on MFL will be in August/September

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